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17th October 2009
A Kabbalah Seminar to be held by Allan in England
An Introduction to the Tradition

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The Secret Garden of the Soul

The Secret Garden of the Soul began its life in the mid 1980’s as a collection of notes intended for students with a serious interest in studying Kabbalah. Over the years its shape has evolved through countless discussions with such students.

As an introductory work this book sheds light upon the perplexing world of the Kabbalah and will guide you through its origins and history; throwing light on its obscure terms and mysterious language; explaining and interpreting its symbolism, doctrine and practices.


Ltd Edition Hard Back

Coded message!
There is a rumour that I have hidden within The Secret Garden of the Soul, a coded message that reveals something of real and tangible value. On this matter I could not possibly comment but if I were to have left such a coded message it would be of a Kabbalistic nature, and the key information necessary to breaking such a code would be contained in the book. Furthermore, if I had done such a thing then what it would reveal would be of value in both worlds and that in all probability only the first person to discover it would gain by it. Needless to say, I can neither confirm nor deny the rumour.

Allan Armstrong

Tales of Brother Marcus

Those of you who have read The Secret Garden of the Soul, may recall how Allan Armstrong described the ‘Tradition’ being passed down from generation to generation. Well, the Tales of Brother Marcus is essentially a story about a group of young men and women coming into contact with the Tradition and its guardians.

The story is told by Joe, a twenty-something year old man in search of spiritual enlightenment. He has spent years wandering the world seeking mystical knowledge and the fellowship of the spiritually enlightened, but without success. After a fruitless search in India and the East, Joe returns home to England, a weary and disillusioned pilgrim without hope of finding the mystical experience that has eluded him for so long.


On the verge of giving up his quest altogether Joe is invited to attend a discussion on mysticism and spirituality at the ancient and mysterious Rose Priory, where he is introduced to the enigmatic Brother Marcus. Little does he realise that this meeting is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure . . . .

Although it is a novel, this story is patently more than a work of fiction.

About the Author

Allan Armstrong is the Prior of the Order of Dionysius & Paul, a position he has held since 1991. The ODP is a Religious Order dedicated to the contemplative life and the study of Comparative Religion, Mythology and Symbolism.

His life’s work is devoted to developing a greater understanding of the spiritual life and the path of spiritual perfection in the context of the Order curriculum. His research interests reflect this in his a life long study of Spiritual Disciplines; Prayer & Meditation; Ritual; Healing; Kabbalah and Mysticism.

He has written introductions to the following books: A Handbook of Mystical Philosophy by G. B. Scaramelli; Dionysius the Areopagite on the Divine Names translated by C.E. Rolt; Prayer by Dudley Wright; The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage by Jan van Ruysbroeck, and Father Lazarus’ translation of On the Prayer of Jesus by Ignatius Brianchaninov.

The title, The Secret Garden of the Soul, reflects the fact that throughout history Kabbalists have likened the soul to a garden, a secret garden hidden deep within our being. Indeed, from the earliest times that the teachings of such people, and the disciplines they employed, were directed towards enabling others to enter into that secret garden and engage with the inner reality of their own being.


The Secret Garden of the Soul Review by Chic Cicero and Tabatha Cicero

'With all the attention that Kabbalah has received in recent years in some celebrity and New Age circles, it is refreshing to find a book that rises above and beyond a superficial overview of the subject in order to provide readers with real knowledge and understanding into this profound system of spiritual growth. The Secret Garden of the Soul by learned Christian Kabbalist Allan Armstrong, is such a book. Both comprehensive and reader-friendly, this text provides a cogent introduction to the Kabbalah covering the roots of the tradition, its core teachings and symbols, and practical techniques for Kabbalistic meditation. The Secret Garden of the Soul is a fruitful garden that will provide a bountiful harvest for anyone who seeks spiritual nourishment within its pages.'

Tales of Brother Marcus Reviews on Amazon.co.uk

'These `Tales of Brother Marcus' are as told by Joe, a seeker for spiritual awakening. It starts very gently and draws the reader into the development of Joe as he attends meetings at The Rose Priory with other friends. Here he (and the reader) is introduced to the reasons for meditation and how, perhaps, to accomplish it: this develops into an introduction to the Kabbalah. En route Marcus, this Christian brother, suggests that Joe should read the Hindu religious text, the Bhagavad-Gita, and writings of Pseudo-Dionysius. Always in context and with full background of origins and reasoning. The tales are well told and relate to us all and our own spiritual development. Highly recommended.' - M. J. Morrice (London, UK)

'This is probably one of the most thought provoking books that I have ever read. Although essentially set as a novel, it is likely to be known as one of the Classics of Western Spirituality. The content is straight from the mystery schools and draws the reader into a setting of a cloistered priory and spiritual truths. Short of finding a personal teacher of the mysteries, this is the next best thing.

The book centres on a character who has searched the globe for spiritual truths and found many frauds and people who only want to empty his wallet. Joe has an opportunity to join a number of people in a similar situation and enters a world of wonderful insights. Although a Christian Monk at first seems an unlikely source for uncovering the mysteries, Joe, (and the reader) soon discovers that this is an amazing journey of discovery.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, if you have ever wondered about who you really are, why you are here, how you might discover the identity of your true self and many more mysteries that have normally only been revealed to the initiated few, this is the book for you.' - BJ Bendell "Biblioaries" (Cornwall)


The Secret Garden of the Soul Review on Amazon.com

'The introduction by R.A. Gilbert alone is worth the cost of the book, but what most surprised me is how thorough this book is for an introductory book on such a vast and complex subject. I have a great many books on the Kabbalah from various genre, levels of subject matter, from technical to fantasist etc., but none is as pleasantly readable as this. I honestly and enthusiastically recommend this book to all. The Christian Rosicrucian Mystic & Kabbalist will enjoy this every bit as much as my dear Muslim Cabbalists, Sufis and others of various paths.' - Bookseller (New England)


The Secret Garden of the Soul Review by David Goddard, positivehealth magazine, Issue 148

'The Secret Garden of the Soul: an Introduction to the Kabbalah by Allan Armstrong, is one of the finest introductions to the Kabbalah I have read. It is not ligh or naive; it is a throrough and deep book, but very accessible.

Kabbalah is not an easy subject to convey properly; it requires a rare combination of mental lucidity and mystical experience. The author of this book has the necessary skills to give the reader a good insight into the Kabbalah, its profound metaphysics, and to offer trustworthy practices.

In a well-ordered progression, Armstrong takes us from the known beginnings of the Kabbalah, through its historical development, and up present time. Like a mighty river, many streams feed Kabbalah, and author makes all this clear and available to the reader.

Stage by stage, Allan Armstrong guides the reader from the transcendental heights of the Eternal Mystery through the stages whereby it unfolds on Earth - in time and in space.The mystic fruits of the Tree of Life are presented on at a time, as well as in combination, so giving the reader a good grasp of their principles and dynamics. The intricate dance between Letter and Number, often so difficult for modern minds to grasp is made clear with disarming skill.

Various techniques of meditation - all deeply rooted in this tradition - are clearly explained and shared. Armstrong manages to bridge the seemingly separate disciplines of mysticism and magic, by showing that they both derive from the desire for union with the Eternal. He is to be congratulated for his exposition on the levels of magic, from Natural Magic to Divine Theurgy.

Above all, this book is to applauded for clearly stating that the Kabbalah is not the possession of any one people or culture. Kabbalah is the birthright of evolving humanity, and the mystical heritage of the West. I highly recommend The Secret Garden of the Soul to anyone who wies to journey towards unity with the All.'

About the Reviewer; David Goddard, Spiritual Director of the Rising Pheonix Foundation, is an international teacher of the Western Esoteric Tradition. Amongst his publishedbooks are Tower of Alchemy, Tree of Sapphires and Sacred Magic of the Angels. Visit www.davidgoddard.com



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17th October 2009
A Kabbalah Seminar by Allan Armstrong
An Introduction to the Tradition

The seminar to be held in Bristol - England discusses the esoteric system of spiritual development
that emerged within Judaism in southern Europe during the closing years of the twelfth century,
particularly in the region of southern France and eastern Spain.

For further details visit here

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