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The purpose of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ® Web Site is to promote the teachings of the Western Esoteric Tradition by providing material that is relevant, educational, and meaningful to all students of the Mysteries. As a resource for guiding Seekers to other web sites, we offer the following awards for the some of the best esoteric web sites on the Internet.

All web sites that receive these awards are judged on excellence in design, content, presentation, high ethical standards, and resource value. These awards are given to web sites that meet the following criteria: (1) the site offers information free of cost or obligation on the part of spiritual Seekers, (2) the site does not post false information about their own spiritual path or organization—or that of other organizations (3) the site does not malign the spiritual paths of others, and (4) the site is easy to use and gives due credit to authors of articles.

Some of these pages contain excellent graphics while others are outstanding sources of information.

    Award Winners
Arcana Award   Arcana Award
Hermetic Award   Hermetic Award
Auorora Award   Aurora Award
Golden Dawn Best of the Web   Golden Dawn Best of the Web
Rosicrucian Award    Rosicrucian Award 

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Arcana Award   Hermetic Award   Aurora Award   GD Best of the Web   Rosicrucian Award