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Kabbalah, Magic

Kabbalah, Magic by Lyam Christopher

by Lyam Thomas Christopher

Advancing to higher levels of ritual magic with purpose and power requires an exaltation of consciousness - a spiritual transformation that can serve as an antidote to the seeming banality of modern life.

Based on Kabbalistic techniques, the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and an Hermetic tradition spanning nearly two thousand years, this innovative new work introduces the history of the Golden Dawn and its mythology, the Tree of Life, Deities, demons, rules for practicing magic, and components of effective ritual.

A comprehensive course of self-initiation using Israel Regardie’s seminal Golden Dawn as a key reference point, Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation guides you through the levels of the Golden Dawn system of ritual magic. Each grade in this system corresponds with a sphere in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and includes daily rituals, required reading, written assignments, projects, and additional exercises.

Knowledgeable and true to tradition, author Lyam Thomas Christopher presents a well-grounded and modern step-by-step program toward spiritual attainment, providing a lucid gateway toward a more awakened state.



"Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation is a wonderful addition to the body of work being produced by Western magicians of the twenty-first century. Author Lyam Thomas Christopher was trained in a modern-day temple of the Golden Dawn tradition, and his knowledge of the system is self-evident. This book provides a comprehensive and innovative curriculum for Self-Initiation into the esoteric current represented by the Golden Dawn system of Magic. An abundance of information is presented by the author in down-to-earth language that beginners and more advanced practitioners will certainly appreciate. Readers do not need to experience the group initiation ceremonies of a formal temple, because the author supplies study material, coursework, rituals, and exercises for the various levels that correspond to the grades of the Golden Dawn, from Neophyte to Adept. Kabbalah, Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation offers the student a fresh perspective on the process of Self-Initiation into the Western Esoteric Tradition. Readers who immerse themselves into the work provided by this text will be well on their way to the completion of the Great Work."
Chic and Tabatha Cicero, authors of Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition

"A dense, power-packed curriculum for the aspiring adept."
Mark Stavish, author of The Path of Alchemy

"Readers seeking to weave together the numerous threads of Western magic into a coherent whole that they can apply in their own lives will find all the guidance they need in this book."
Donald Tyson, editor of Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy

"A masterful blend of tradition and innovation. Simultaneously lyrical and informative, this book is at once a self-training guide, reference work, and handbook of practical Theurgy."
Patrick Dunn, author of Postmodern Magic

"...This stuff works, and you needn't wonder how. Lyam lays it out for you in the pages...and by the time you're done reading, you have a grand view of the whole spiritual process. And you're faced with the choice of whether or not to go down the road that this book offers. The haunting thing is that this is nothing new to anyone in the west. We've all known all along that the road was there. Lyam's approach is grand, but it's not in the least bit overwhelming. The book is grand in scope, but thankfully piecemeal and step-by-step….”
Jake (Palm Beach) Amazon.com review

"In his very first published book, Lyam Thomas Christopher provides a comprehensive system of self-transformation based on the Golden Dawn system which uses the Kabalistic Tree of Life as a model for spiritual awakening. The book provides a complete study and training course into Western Magic and Mysticism which, if followed properly, can lead to an enlightened state of awareness of ones existence where happiness can be derived not from material gain or social status but from the knowledge and conversation with ones Higher Self. ..."
A. Eufemio, Amazon.com review

Kabbalah Magic and the Great Work of Self-Transformation
by Lyam Thomas Christopher
Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 2006

  Available from Llewellyn Publications

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