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The Essential Golden Dawn

Essential Golden Dawn

by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Recipient of the COVR 2nd Runner Up Award 2004

The Golden Dawn system  is one of the most sought-after and respected systems of magic in today’s  world. Over a century old, it is a system that has stood the test of time. Countless writers, magical teachers, and esoteric groups have borrowed the teachings of the Golden Dawn directly or indirectly. Members of the Golden Dawn are among the most esteemed magical authors of the 20th century, and most of the best books on magic were either written by former members or “borrowed” by those who were greatly influenced by them. The Golden Dawn is today considered the wellspring of the magic of the Western world—the capstone of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

Some books on the Golden Dawn are written from a purely historical viewpoint, while others are only concerned with the magical teachings of the Order. Few books address both issues. The Essential Golden Dawn provides a basic, straightforward introductory guide to the Golden Dawn system, including both historical and magical perspectives. This book will be an essential companion to Israel Regardie's classic text The Golden Dawn.

The Essential Golden Dawn was written for those who simply want to find out what the traditional Golden Dawn system is and what it has to offer. It answers such questions as: What is Hermeticism? How does magic work? Who and what influenced the creation of the Golden Dawn system? What are its philosophies and principles? This book will help readers determine whether this system is for them, and then it guides them into further exploration as well as basic ritual work.

Excerpts from The Essential Golden Dawn:

Initiation as Ritual Drama
"In the ritual drama of initiation, the candidate is both an observer and an active participant in a mythic adventure. He takes on the role of a character in a great mystery play—an actor whose precise actions in the drama are unknown to him—they unfold as the drama is played out, carefully scripted to have the greatest possible impact on the candidate."

Topics covered include:
The Origins of Hermeticism
Hermes Trismegistos and The Hermetic Literature
Defining Magic—How Magic Works
The Ancient Origins of Western Magic
Magic and Religion
Medieval and Renaissance Magic
High Magic: Theurgy
Working with Spiritual Beings
Golden Dawn Magic
Hermetic Principles of the Golden Dawn
A Brief History of the Golden Dawn, its Founders, and its Offshoot Orders
The Structure of the Golden Dawn System
The Grades and the Officers
The Psychology of Initiation
The Three Orders and the Three Degrees—Why They are Not the Same and do Not Overlap
Golden Dawn Rituals for the Beginner
How to Create Basic Golden Dawn-Style Rituals
Prayers and Invocations
Traditional Golden Dawn Teachings: What is Included

Qabalah, Astrology, Divination, Tarot, Alchemy, Skrying, and Enochian Magic in the Golden Dawn
The Work of a Golden Dawn Magician—What is Expected of an Initiate
The Purpose of Initiation
The Question of Lineage
The Built-in Safe-Guards of the Traditional Golden Dawn System
The Problem of Ego
Following a Magical Discipline
Integrity and Discrimination
Choice, Responsibility, Self-Sacrifice, and Service
Patience and Persistence in the Work

by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero
ISBN 0-7387-0310-9

360 Pages, Appendices, Glossary, Bibliography, Index

Available from Llewellyn Publications

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