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Experiencing the Kabbalah


By Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

The mystical Kabbalah is one of the best esoteric systems ever devised for providing an interactive spirituality. It shows us the origin of the entire cosmos, the eternal mind of God, and the spiritual development of humankind. It can even help to bring out our latent psychic gifts. It is a precise mystical system that describes universal laws and how to utilize spiritual principles in everyday life.

While the Kabbalah has long been a central pillar of Western magic, many beginners are intimidated by its complexity. Experiencing the Kabbalah is a beginners guide to the subject, which emphasizes learning the concepts through personal hands-on experience. The simple exercises and ritual drama of the "Tree Walk" will engage the reader's personal creativity and imagination while forming the basis of a personal daily practice for increasing one's psychic abilities.


"EXCELLENT BOOK FOR BEGINNERS. This book is full of very basic information, which is very difficult for a beginner to find. If you are an experienced and knowledgeable Kabbalist, you may not find this book as helpful as I did. I searched EVERYWHERE to find a book that would give me very basic, beginners guidelines so that I can begin to apply this fascinating subject to my life and I found most of the books to be confusing and difficult to read. This book has helped me immensely and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to Kabballah and interested in applying the principles to their life."donnacoen@aol.com, 2/24/99

"RECOMMENDED BOOK. Kabbalah, a spiritual system grounded in symmetry and logic, is rarely addressed in a format that is suitable for beginners. Experiencing the Kabbalah goes against the trend, however, by presenting both historical and practical information on the Kabbalah that focuses on experiencing this ancient spiritual system rather than just reading about it. Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero accomplish this through a sort of ritual drama that they call "Walking the Tree of Life." It characterizes each Sephirah (different aspects of the divine) of the Kabbalah as a person, from the stable Malkuth to the enigmatic Kether, granting readers a fuller understanding of the Sephiroth and the paths between them. Expereincing the Kabbalah is an innovative guide for beginners as well as informative for adept practitioners."
Occult and Metaphysics Editor, Amazon.com review

"This is a wonderful introductory work for anyone who is interested in learning about the Kabbalah. The authors do not condescend to the reader, instead they begin speaking to an audience that has, at least, basic magickal knowledge. Then they move into new concepts and ideas, building on the familiar groundwork as they go. This is a very comprehensive guide: even those with a slight understanding of the Kabbalah will appreciate some of the insights that are discussed. Be prepared to read this book cover to cover...twice. I only say this because the first time through can be a bit overwhelming and some very important information can be missed. They comprehensively review all aspects of the Tree of Life, from the Sephirotic Stations, to the levels of the Tree, to the many paths along the Tree. [...] If you had just a slight interest or curiosity about the Kabbalah before reading this book, you will be itching to get your hands on more."
Rio, Accord, Spring 1998

"Another Llewellyn offering for beginners is this interesting little work by the Ciceros, among the most active people in the current Golden Dawn scene and authors of several encyclopedic works on different aspects of the Golden Dawn tradition. [...] It is an introduction to a relatively new way of teaching about the Tree of Life, an approach that the Ciceros call "Tree Walking" but that might more informatively be termed live-action Pathworking. In a Tree Walk, each Sphere is represented by an appropriately dressed person in a symbolic setting, who repeats lines from a memorized script or extemporizes as need be. A guide, also suitably dressed and equipped, takes charge of the group who will be walking up the Tree, and guides them from Sphere to Sphere. [...] The authors present this system of ritual drama in detail, with scripts for each of the Spheres and Paths, descriptions of costumes and sets, and so on; all the information that might be needed (or even useful) in putting on a Tree Walk is given. Framing this material is an introduction to the Tree of Life and a concluding section on individual work with the Tree. The whole package is probably the best single set of material in print for an introductory weekend workshop on the Golden Dawn Cabala—from some of the comments made in the introduction, one gathers that this is exactly the setting in which this material first came together—and it's hard to imagine a better way to introduce beginners to the basic structure of the Tree. Some of the better tricks of initiatory ritual have been combined with more conventional stagecraft to make an effective teaching experience, and one that no doubt will go on to become standard fare in many Cabalistic circles."
Abiegnus, Autumn 1998

"A practical and highly personal teaching aid that fully unfolds the Tree of the Sephiroth, which is at the heart of the Western magical Kabbalah."
Donald Tyson, author of New Millennium Magick

"I have studied many religions (including Judaism) over the years. I can honestly say that I never had any great urge or compunction to study the Kabbalah. Experiencing the Kabbalah changed that for me. The authors do a masterful job of taking the reader through an unparalleled metaphysical interpretation of the Kabbalah. ... The book is laid out as a ritual script which teaches the reader the 10 spheres or principles of the Kabbalah. ... I found the book both inspiring and educational. ... To a ritualistic group, this book should peak your interest. ..."
Dylan Maximillian Pendragon, Phases

"This is a very interesting book for students of the Qabalah and teachers of the Qabalah. The ritual-drama would also be good to put on for a large class of beginning magickians."
Greymalkin Gazette, vol. 5, #5

"The authors have done an excellent job of introducing this complex subject simply, yet without omitting key concepts or insulting the reader's intelligence. ... The ritual drama is both enlightening and entertaining. It is an effective teaching technique, and reason enough by itself to buy the book
PagaNet News, Litha '98

Experiencing the Kabbalah
by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1997
ISBN 1-56718-138-4

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