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(formerly titled The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot Deck)

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot - Ciceros  

by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

"Since its inception 100 years ago, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has continued to be the authority on the initiatory and meditative teachings of the Tarot. The Golden Dawn used certain cards in its initiation rituals. Now the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot incorporates all of the temple symbolism needed for use in the Golden Dawn rituals.

Encouraged by famed occultist Israel Regardie himself, this stunning deck masterfully blends traditional tarot imagery with the descriptions from Golden Dawn initiation ceremonies. For more than a century, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has laid the foundation for modern ceremonial magical work and continues to make tarot studies an integral part of Order participation.

Artist and author Sandra Tabatha Cicero, a renowned Golden Dawn adept, has created the first tarot deck to incorporate the symbolism necessary for use in rituals. In accordance with Golden Dawn requirements, the deck includes two versions of the Temperance card. The proper Hebrew letters, planetary and zodiacal symbols are depicted on each card. Flashing colors on each card illustrate the specific elemental energy involved, a technique designed to enhance the reader’s psychic perception of the cards’ meaning and symbolism.

Each minor arcana card is beautifully designed to include the Color Scales of the Four Worlds of the Qabalah. The accompanying book gives the student an introduction to the Qabalistic symbolism of the deck, including spreads for divination and ways to incorporate the deck into meditation and ritual work.

The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot skillfully blends the descriptions given in Golden Dawn initiation ceremonies with traditional tarot imagery. This powerful tool for divination and spiritual growth is perfect for anyone interested in tarot, the Golden Dawn, and the Western magical tradition."

Llewellyn's New Worlds of Mind and Spirit, Sept/Oct 2000


GD Magical Tarot

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"As a long standing student and teacher of the Qabala I found the book and associated tarot card deck to be a refreshing addition to Qabalistic knowledge. It is always great when new (previously private) knowledge is revealed. I thank the author for this. I can do no more than highly recommend this set of Golden Dawn Tarot cards to you for your researches."

A reader from Sorell, Tasmania, Oct. 16, 2000

"This golden dawn of tarot set is great for any answers you might be looking for. It follows the Qabalah and has a section in the book that explains the Qabalah's mystical tree of life. ... This is also one of the only decks of the later twentieth century to be approved by a member of the golden dawn

lspears from Aspermont, Texas, April 30, 2000

"ideal for the beginning student. It is clearly written and easy to follow. Especially appreciated are the consistent explanations of the cards in the minor arcana, making the patterns formed by the interaction of the symbols (zodiacal, qabalistic etc.) apparent and understandable. The book is also worth a read by the more advanced student, as there are some interesting insights. Also of note are the rituals for Tarot use given at the end of the book, and a new 10 card spread, which I prefer to the 15 card spread or the Celtic Cross."

Tara, Pyramis, Issue 2, 1991

"This is definitely a book of considerable technical caliber, and it will appeal to expert Tarot readers. Nevertheless, it is written in a style which is easily absorbed and understood and Tarot beginners should not feel deterred from studying this comprehensive work. The authors offer a clear and responsible approach to a complex subject which they lead readers through in well-ordered easy steps."

Sirius, Issue # 67, August 1991

"This book is experienced, not read. [.] The beginner will come away with a good basic understanding and the master may find some very useful ritual work outlined here. Overall, I would recommend this book to all users of the Tarot."

Black Hawk, P.A.N. Pipes, August 1991

"The material concerning each card can be used for learning, for meditation, and for enhancing ritual and pathworkings based on the Arcanas. Furthermore, the book's last chapter, on ritual work and divination is excellent. This chapter includes information on the Ritual Bath, Tarot Consecration, Tarot Meditation, Tarot Talismans, Astral Projection using the Tarot, and Dream Work with the Tarot, besides explanations on Tarot Spreads."

Carmenta, Stonescenes, Autumn 1991

"This deck is highly recommended above all else for a few good reasons. First and foremost, the symbolism found in each deck differs from the Golden Dawn system of Magick. Although each deck has similar references, The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot uses symbols, colors, tools and other correspondences that are linked to the Golden Dawn system accurately. Not only to the Golden Dawn, but towards the Qabalah, and the Tree of Life. [...] For an overall outlook, we can see that The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot is the most qualified deck for studies in the Golden Dawn System. Its symbolism works perfectly with the Qabalah, and the Tree of Life."

Frater P.C.L. The Tablets of Thoth, Aug/Sept 1993

Publication Information

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero
St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1997, 79 cards/192 pp,  ISBN 1-56718-125-2

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