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Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple


Creating Magical Tools - Ciceros

by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Preface by R. A. Gilbert

Formerly titled Creating Magical Tools

The act of constructing a wand or other ritual object is an act of magic. The magician spends an extraordinary amount of time creating ritual objects, not because it is only through these objects that magic can rightly be performed, but because the act of creating is a magical process of growth, one which initiates the development of the will in accordance with the divine intent or purpose. This in turn contributes to the success of the ritual.

The construction of a ritual object should be treated like any other magical operation. It should focus all parts of the magician’s mind (intellect, creativity, imagination, spiritual self) into one purpose—to manifest an object which will be a receptacle for higher forces, in order that the magician too can become a worthy receptacle of that which is divine.

It is not necessary to create a perfect work of art. A person who works long and hard on a wand that looks crude will ultimately have more success than a person who purchases a ready-made wand that is flawless. With this book, clear instructions are finally available on how to fabricate the wands and implements of the Golden Dawn, some of the most significant, profound and beautiful of all the ritual tools that have ever been produced in the Western Magical Tradition. The various tools presented here each have a very specific symbology attached to them. With the materials and tools available to the modern magician, these instruments can be recreated with stunning accuracy and magnificence.

Chic Cicero & S. Tabatha Cicero have been instrumental in preserving the mystical wisdom of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Their Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple was the first book to bring you detailed instructions on crafting and using the ritual implements of the Golden Dawn system of magic. Now this work has been updated and expanded into two volumes: Creating Magical Tools and Ritual Use of Magical Tools. The first of these books contains everything you need to know to construct your own Golden Dawn temple, including altar, banners, pillars, throne, wands, cup, swords, lamens, mantles & robes, admission badges, Enochian Tablets, temple furnishings and more.

Creating Magical Tools describes all the symbolism and construction techniques of the implements that were previously included in Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple, along with 16 color plates, new information, and easier techniques for crafting these tools. All of the consecration ceremonies and practical rituals are now contained in the companion volume, Ritual Use of Magical Tools. Both books have been updated with new material, endnotes, glossaries, and extensive indexes.



"The Magicians Craft - Creating Magical Tools" ... is the latest in a long list of wonderful books by these two senior adepts in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. They continue to reveal "hidden" secrets of the Golden Dawn Orders and thus enrich all of us.

This is the most comprehensive compendium ever written on how to construct magical implements. It is a step-by step guide to making every magical weapon, wand and temple furnishing used in the Golden Dawn. More than that, it is a practical guide to making every magical implement in the magician's arsenal.

The illustrations are phenomenal. The craftsmanship exemplary. These alone can guide the beginner and assist him or her in making a usable and viable magical instrument. But the step-by-step instructions are even easier to follow.

My initiation into the Golden Dawn in the late 1950's was accomplished with primitive implements by comparison. Indeed, my whole Golden Dawn career has been filled with instruments far less impressive than the examples given in this book. Yet, the instructions given in this book will enable you to duplicate the fine workmanship of most of these items.

The Phoenix Collar and Chief Adept's Wand illustrated in this book are beautifully rendered. The Elemental Implements and Lamens are beautiful works of art that can be easily duplicated by any dedicated magician. The wands are exquisite. The Scourge especially impressed me because of its beauty and simplicity.

This is a book for every aspiring magician and adept. It contains precise instructions for constructing everything you will ever need to practice your craft. But as you embark on this path of building your own magical tools, be prepared for a spiritual journey like none other you have ever taken.

So whether you want to build your own Golden Dawn Temple by following their instructions, or populate your altar with eye-appealing and powerful tools, or just make an impressive and functional altar, this is the best book ever to come across my desk for those purposes."
John Gilbert, ATA Newsletter, Winter 2000

"Excellent Manual and a Must-Have…The Cicero's are dedicated to preserving and expanding the knowledge in the Golden Dawn system of Western ceremonial magick. Providing lists of materials and tools required for the construction of these tools along with detailed instructions and explanations of the meaning and use of each tool, this book is a must have for any magician. Clear instructions with plenty of b&w diagrams and many color plates help even the least handy of us create beautiful magical tools. The Cicero's writing style is clear and unambiguous, providing the novice to Golden Dawn magick a sense of understanding. Too many books on Western ceremonial magick are written to confuse and obfuscate in an attempt to sound highly spiritual and magically powerful. The Cicero's have taken the responsibilities of the Hierophant to heart and know that only by providing a clear channel for the divine to manifest can they truly serve as an Expounder of the Mysteries and their books are evidence of that devotion…"
Marsha Smith, Jan. 8, 2001, West Hills, CA

"This is truly a nice piece of work for the Magickian that loves to craft his/her own tools. Ever think that the Magickian only has one wand? Think again! Within this book, you find several color plates of magickal tools ranging from the Enochian Watchtower tablets to the Elemental weapons and grade wands. These are really nice, too. This works with the complement to the book, The Magician's Art, which goes into rituals dealing with consecrations and other uses…. If you ever wanted to make some of the tools, be an Golden Dawn initiate or not, then this is the book!"
highpriestnc June 25, 2000, Shelby, NC

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Original publication:
Creating Magical Tools
by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero
St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1999
ISBN 1-56718-142-2
(Now out of print)

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