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Conference 2008

Saturday 1st March 2008, Swedenborg Hall, LONDON

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Chic - London 2008
Chic Cicero
Giving his talk on: The Holy Lights of the Sun - The Magical workings of the Cromlech Temple

Tabatha - London
Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Giving her talk on: A Hermetic Enigma - Westcotts Enochian Tablets


Bob Gilbert
Robert Gilbert
Giving his talk on: The unsolved riddle of the origins of the Golden Dawn

Geraldine Beskin
Geraldine Beskin (Atlantis Bookshop - London)
Giving her talk on: The Women of the Golden Dawn


Nick Farrell
Nick Farrell
Giving his talk on: Practical Golden Dawn Magic


Keith Magnay
Keith Magnay
Giving his talk on: The significance of the mystical number 120


Gareth Barnes
Gareth Barnes
Giving his talk on: The youth of yesteryear


Bob and Tabatha
Sandra Tabatha Cicero with noted historian Robert Gilbert


Display case with GD regalia and vault
Display case featuring elemental weapons, colourful representation of the Vault walls, plus grade regalia


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