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1997 Golden Dawn Conference

April 2nd to 5th, 1997

The 1997 Golden Dawn Conference, held in London lasted for four days. It took a broader view than the 1987 conference and considered not only the origins of the Order and the history and work of derivative bodies and of associated Rosicrucian movements, but also the nature and value of the ceremonies and teaching of the Golden Dawn and associated organizations.

Speakers of this event included R. A. Gilbert, Andrew Stephenson, Allan Armstrong, Chic and Tabatha Cicero, and John Paternoster.

All those present at the 1997 Conference agreed that the event was successful in promoting a wider understanding of the various aspects of the Hermetic Tradition. The following is a list of all lectures and workshops that were presented over the period.


Wednesday 2nd, April

1:00pm. Blessings by Andrew Stephenson

1:15 Introduction

1:30 The Lost Step-Child: The Tale of the Societas Rosicruciana in America. An illustrated lecture by R. A. Gilbert.

3:30 Frederick Schnitger: The Magus of the North. A lecture by Anthony Markey

6:30 Exploration of the Pillars: A Study of Their Inner Meaning, by John Paternoster. With Musical illustrations and a guided mediation.

8:00 Open Forum


Thursday 3rd, April

9:30am A Guided Tour of Golden Dawn Sites in London: Conducted by R. A. Gilbert. (Full details to be announced on Wednesday the 2nd).

1:00pm Blessing by Chic Cicero

1:15 Re-creating the Golden Dawn Tarot: A lecture by Tabatha Cicero

3:30 The Trials & tribulations of a Lady Initiate: A lecture by Geraldine Beskin

6:30 Walking the Tree: A Workshop employing meditative techniques based on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, by Chic Cicero

To be followed by a Group Discussion on Working in the Western Tradition


Friday 4th, April

9:30am Blessing by Allan Armstrong

9:42 The Interior Life: The Work of the Order of Dionysis & Paul and its place in the Western Hermetic Tradition. An address by Allan Armstrong.

11:30 The English Rosicrucian Impulse: The Role of the SRIA in the Western Hermetic Tradition. A lecture by Trevor Stewart.

2:00 The Siege Perilous: Avoiding the Dangers of Ceremonial Working, by Andrew Stephenson

3:45 Seminar: On the perils and pitfalls of practical esoteric working.

7:00 Pictorial Expressions of the Inner Life: Art and the Golden Dawn. An Exhibition of original artwork and projected transparencies, presented by Allan Armstrong and R. A. Gilbert, to be followed by an informal discussion on the role of Art in esoteric work.


Saturday 5th, April

9:15am Welcome & Introduction by R. A. Gilbert

9:45 A Working of the Opening Ceremony of the Neophyte Grade of A. E. Waite's Independent and Rectified Rite of the Golden Dawn (1910)

10:30 Trail of the Chameleon: The Genesis of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. A lecture by R. A. Gilbert.

12:00 Magic and the Millennium: An Open Forum on the Future of the Golden Dawn.

2:30 Israel Regardie as I knew him: A lecture by Chic Cicero.

3:30 Hierarchy of Souls: The Nature of Inner Plane Contacts. A lecture by John Paternoster.

4:45 Closing Ceremony of the 0=0 Grade of the I & R Rite.

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