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Golden Dawn conference 1998

NEW JERSEY: May 20 - 23, 1998

The first International Golden Dawn Conference, held at London in 1987, was primarily a celebration of the Centenary of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and was particularly concerned with the history of the Order and its influence on art, literature and society. Ten years later the 1997 Golden Dawn Conference, also held at London, took a broader view, considering not only the origins of the Order and the history and work or derivative bodies and of associated Rosicrucian movements, but also the nature and value of the ceremonies and teaching of the Golden Dawn and of associated organizations.

All those present at the 1997 Conference recognized that it had resulted in greatly enhanced mutual understanding between the various groups and traditions represented at the event and it was agreed that the impetus given to future interaction should be maintained. As a consequence it was decided that a third Conference would be held in 1998 at a venue near New York City. One of the goals of the 1998 Conference was to balance practical lectures and demonstrations with historical papers and detailed presentations of the doctrines and beliefs that underpin the Western Hermetic Tradition. But the most important aspect of the conference was the seminars, debates, and teaching sessions that drew together the various strands of the working Rosicrucian tradition - as epitomized by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, its forebears and its offspring.

Chic Cicero and Bob Gilbert

Chic Cicero and Bob Gilbert at the 1998 Golden Dawn Conference

Lectures presented

  • Astrology and Astralism: The Religion of the Stars
  • The Chameleon's Coat: Color Theory and Magic in the Golden Dawn
  • Old and New Approaches to the Qabalah: A Jewish Approach
  • The Order of the Sat B'hai: The Work and Legacy of the Immediate Precursor of the Golden Dawn - and the First Modern Esoteric Order to Admit both Men and Women
  • Working Before the Dawn: The Pre-existent Soul in the Western Hermetic Tradition
  • The Fellowship of the Rosy Cross: The Mystical Child of the Golden Dawn
  • Women and the Feminine Archetype in the Golden Dawn
  • Rosicrucians in the New World: Magister Kelpius and the Pietists of Pennsylvannia
  • Kenneth Mackenzie and his search for the Philosopher's Stone
  • The Soul in Action: An Egyptian Mythical Enactment
  • Climbing Mount Abiegnus: The Grades and Degrees of the Golden Dawn
  • The Path of Initiation
  • The Enochian System
  • The Workings of the Cromlech Temple
  • The Goddess and the Golden Dawn
  • Seeking Union: The Form and Purpose of the Tarot in the Tradition of A.E. Waite
  • The Shaman's Dress
  • The Pillar of Osiris

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