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The Garden of Eden After the Fall

Eden After the Fall by Tabatha

By Sandra Tabatha Cicero

This diagram symbolizes the Fall from the Garden of Eden. (See the previous diagram.) The goddess Eve, distracted by the fruit of Knowledge, reached down to them and the two pillars were left unsupported. The Sephirotic Tree was shattered, and Adam and Eve fell. The red dragon, Leviathan, was awakened. It enclosed Malkuth within its folds and rose to the level of Daath at the feet of Aima Elohim. But YHVH Elohim placed a Flaming Sword and the letters of the Tetragrammaton between the devastated Garden and the Supernal Eden, so that the highest spheres would not be involved in the Fall.

The restoration of the Sephirotic Tree (and its corresponding elements in the human psyche) back to its original state, is a primary goal of the Great Work.

Artwork Copyright © 1995 by Sandra Tabatha Cicero


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