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Earth Divination Earth Magic


Earth Divination Earth Magic by Greer

by John Michael Greer

Rediscover the forgotten oracle of the Western world. Here is a complete manual of the art of geomanc - one of the three major divination systems (including astrology and tarot) that are part of the Western magical tradition. Much of the material has been completely out of print since the Renaissance, and this is the first book on the subject that encourages the development of intuition and personal style in divination.

The medieval and Renaissance traditions of geomancy made use of simple but powerful methods of interpretation that are easy to learn and use, and provide the same level of depth as tarot or astrology. Geomancy uses a series of 16 figures formed of single and double points, based on a magical understanding of the flow of the four elemental energies through the earth.

Earth Divination, Earth Magic provides history and basic theory, a detailed guide to the symbolism and meaning of the 16 geomantic figures, and a thorough set of instructions for casting a chart. You will also learn how to use the figures as focal symbols for meditation and clairvoyance, and as sigils for talis­mans and ritual magic.

  • Discover long-forgotten methods of geomantic divination used in the Middle Ages and the  Renaissance.

  • Explore methods of meditation, clairvoyance and ritual magic connected to geomancy.

  • Read complete 14th century manual on the inter­pretation of geomantic figures, translated out of medieval Latin into English for the first time.

    About the Author
    John Michael Greer is a longtime student of Hermeticism and geomancy. He is the author of Circles of Power, Inside a Magical Lodge, and the sought after Paths of Wisdom.

Earth Divination, Earth Magic
by John Michael Greer

SSt. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1999
ISBN 1-56718-312-3


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