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The Lemegeton

Edited by Mitch Henson

Many editions of The Goetia have been available over the past Century. Only now is the entire text - the four combined books - reproduced for the first time in a printed format. Metatron Books is proud to offer this superbly illustrated ancient volume to the Occult reading public.

What's New? In addition to Book One, the often reprinted; The Goetia, this new edition contains Theurgia Goetia, Pauline Arts and The Almadel.



"While I've got 3 other editions [...] I am very glad I purchased this edition as well. It's tight and easy to read and it's less expensive than any of the other editions. A must for any ceremonial magician's library."

"There have been two previous publications of the Lemegeton compendium, but this is the first trade-quality edition offered to the public. Unlike the previous four-part editions, Henson, the editor, frankly admits that he is omitting the Ars Notoria (5th Book) because it really isn't in keeping with the other four works in the collection. (Fortunately the Ars Notoria is available from Trident in Seattle). Jeff Wellman should be complimented on his meticulous work redrawing the hundreds of sigils. Unlike Crowley's artist, Wellman did not distort the designs to make them fit into circles. This is appreciated. Henson's introduction is short, but covers the essentials. If you haven't already bought a complete Lemegeton (and even if you have), this is the one to get. Of course it would be nice to have a leather bound edition on parchment paper, but this handsome paperback, is the best yet, and by far the most reasonably priced."

At a time when many people turn to the Internet to download grimoires, manuscripts, and e-books, and wind up spending their money on paper, toner, and binders, it is no surprise that most people still enjoy the look, feel, and convenience of owning a real book. Metatron Books' new edition of The Lemegeton: The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon is by far the most complete and superbly printed edition of "The Lesser Key" that we've seen. Included in this work are the full texts of "The Goetia," "Theurgia Goetia," "Pauline Arts," and "Almadel." Mitch Henson's insightful Introduction and Jeff Wellman's crisp illustrations are welcome additions to this high-quality book. No magician's library would be complete without this book.
Chic & Tabatha Cicero

  The Lemegetonx
The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon

Edited by Mitch Henson

ISBN 0-9672797-0-4

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