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Hermetic Art
Hexagram Handcrafted elemental tools by the Ciceros Hexagram Tarot - Harry & Nicola Wendrich Gallary
Hexagram The Rose Cross Lamen Hexagram Sigillium by Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Hexagram Westcott's Phoenix Collar Hexagram H.O.G.D. Website Portal Artwork
Hexagram Osiris Seal from the Phoenix Collar Hexagram Babylonian Tarot - Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Hexagram The Great Seal Hexagram Enochian Tarot
Hexagram The Archangel Raphael Hexagram Enochian Tablets Basic Colors
Hexagram The Archangel Gabriel Hexagram Enochian Tablets Flashing Colors
Hexagram The Archangel Michael Hexagram The Tree of Life - Sandra Tabatha Cicero
Hexagram The Archangel Uriel Hexagram The Tree of Life
Hexagram The Garden of Eden Before the Fall Hexagram Animated Tree of Life
Hexagram The Garden of Eden After the Fall Hexagram Golden Ratio
Hexagram Jesus the Christos Hexagram The Flaming Sword
Hexagram Archangel Michael Hexagram The Serpent of Wisdom

From The Whare-Ra Archives, H.O.G.D. Private Collection
RoseCross Cover: 5=6 Diagrams RoseCross The Pastos (Head and Foot)
RoseCross Diagram of the Grades RoseCross Diagrams for the 5=6 Ceremony
RoseCross The Great Seal of the R.R. et A.C. RoseCross The Sword and the Serpent
RoseCross Enochian Tablets & Kerubic (Whare Ra) RoseCross  The Second Order Wands
RoseCross The Circular Altar RoseCross The Crook and the Scourge
RoseCross The Vault Ceiling and Floor RoseCross The Crux Ansata
RoseCross The Cross of Obligation RoseCross The Minutum Mundum


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Hermetic Virtues