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Hermetic Essays

The hermetic essays and articles listed on this page were written by individuals from many different Hermetic groups in the greater esoteric community. The viewpoints of the respective authors do not necessarily conform with those of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ®. They are offered to you here as a resource.

RoseCross True Initiation by Chic and S.Tabatha Cicero
RoseCross The Kerubim: "The Strong Ones" by Soror I.D.D
RoseCross The Role of the Sacred Feminine in the Gnostic Pantheons by Soror A.L
RoseCross The Mystery of the Bridal Chamber in the Gospel of Philip by Soror A.L
RoseCross Why Hermeticism? by Robert Zoller
RoseCross Alchemy as a Path to Integration by Soror I.D.D
RoseCross Egyptian Religion by Soror I.D.D
RoseCross The Tarot Trumps by Soror I.D.D
RoseCross The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn by Pat and Chris Zalewski
RoseCross Art, Science and the Wholeness by Amy Clanton
RoseCross The Chaldean Oracles: Gnosis of Fire by Soror I.D.D
RoseCross Shem ha-Mephoresh by Aaron Leitch (Kephera)
RoseCross The Magic of Horary Astrology by Susan Ward
RoseCross Arena Sine Calce by V.H. Soror G.A.D.S.I.Q.S.
RoseCross Examining the Category known as Gnosticism by V.H. Soror G.A.D.S.I.Q.S. & V.H. Frater S.E.C.S.C.
RoseCross The Battery of Knocks by Chic Cicero

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