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The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript

Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript

Deciphered, translated & edited by Darcy Küntz
Introduction by R. A. Gilbert

The Cipher Manuscript is the most important Golden Dawn document to be published in years. The initiation ceremonies and knowledge lectures of the Golden Dawn are based upon this mysterious manuscript which was first revealed by Dr. W. Wynn Westcott in 1887. The manuscript itself consists of about sixty pages of old paper, upon which was written in brown ink the ritual outlines of the Golden Dawn system in an artificial alphabet based on the cipher of Abbot Johann Trithemius (1462-1516) in his book Polygraphiae. For years several occultists and historians have speculated about the source of the Cipher Manuscript. However, recent developments in the study of the original Cipher Manuscript has Golden Dawn scholars and historians more convinced than ever about its exact origins…

Book Nunber 1 in the prestigious Golden Dawn Studies Series from Holmes Publishing Group. Presented for the first time is a complete facsimile and translation of the Cipher Manuscript, the foundation for the Golden Dawn's initiation ceremonies. A work not previously accessible to students. This book is the most significant Golden Dawn material printed in decades.

"It wasn't so long ago that most Masonic and Golden Dawn scholars had decided that the bottom of the barrel had been scraped and there was no more to learn concerning the early history of the Golden Dawn. Patrick Zalewski had published the Cipher manuscripts. Westcott had written them as part of an elaborate scheme to justify the legacy and legitiamcy of the Order and that was that. At least ten years have passed and it turns out that Zalewski's publication was incomplete while noted Golden Dawn scholar, R.A.Gilbert has made some remarkable discoveries. What if the Cipher manuscript was not a forgery as many have believed? What if there really was a link through this mysterious manuscript linking the Golden Dawn to a more ancient brotherhood? These questions may never be satisfactorily answered, to be sure, but Darcy Kuntz, in the first publication of the The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript has made some remarkable and tantilizing connections.

This is the cornerstone study for every Golden Dawn library. If you had thought that the Golden Dawn was the pipe dream of a kindly old British Gentleman who dabbled in magical orders and masonic intrigue, think again. This remarkable work by Darcy Kuntz will prove to be a real eye opener. R.A.Gilbert's introduction adds many insights into a tentative look at the pre-history surrounding the Golden Dawn, while Kuntz's own investigative research will leave breathless trying to keep up. Well concieved and thought out."
V. H. Fr. Per Ardua Ad Lux

The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscriptd
by Darcy Küntz

Edmonds, WA: Holmes Publishing Group.
1996 ISBN 1-55818-325

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