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The Golden Dawn Source Book

Golden Dawn Source Book

Edited by Darcy Küntz

The Golden Dawn Studies Series

The Complete Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript
deciphered, translated and Edited by Darcy Küntz

II. The Golden Dawn Source Bookd
compiled and edited by Darcy Küntz. Preface by R.A. Gilbert. This work contains the most important of the letters which pertain to the founding of the Golden Dawn--the Sprengel correspondence. Also you will find the Golden Dawn warrant; Westcott's "Historic Lecture" the published GD histories, commentaries on the founding of the Golden Dawn; a complete cross-index of the members and their mottoes; Westcott's Diary about the foundation of the Golden Dawn; with articles and essays by Richard Kaczynski, Gerald Suster, Ellic Howe, R.T. Prinke, R.A. Gilbert, Francis King, and Gareth Medway. (Trade paper edition. #31-0.)

III. The Sepher Yetzirah
by W.W. Westcott. A compilation of Westcott's 2nd and 3rd edition with original Hebrew text from Kalisch (1877); together with a bibliography. An important book for the study of the Golden Dawn Cipher Manuscript, initiation rituals, Knowledge Lectures and the Kabbalah. (#33-7.)

IV. The Golden Dawn Source Works: A Bibliography
compiled by Darcy Küntz. Contains an exceptional catalogue of books and audio cassettes pertinent to the history, theory and practice of the Order of the Golden Dawn. This bibliography will be used for referral in all numbers of the Golden Dawn Series. (#34-5.)

V. The Golden Dawn's Court Cards
by W.W. Westcott. For the first time you will see the Golden Dawn's own Court Cards of the Tarot as reproduced from the Westcott/ Moina Mathers originals. Includes the coloring guide for the cards and Florence Farr's Second Order notes on the symbolism of the cards. With notes by Darcy Küntz. (#36-1.)

VI. The Magic of a Symbol
by Florence Farr. Preface by Darcy Küntz. Florence Farr was an exquisite writer and her Golden Dawn papers are some of the best productions to flow from the Order. This book contains Farr's ideas on symbols, the Kabbalah, Egyptian magic, the Vendanta, Rosicrucians, and Alchemy. (#37-X.)

VII. The Enochian Experiments of the Golden Dawn
by Florence Farr. Contains the Enochian Experiments of the Golden Dawn's Sphere Group, an auxiliary order which met opposition from the Golden Dawn's Inner Order Adepti and was finally disbanded. This book brings to light those very private and secret experiments. (#40-X.)

VIII. The Golden Dawn Tarotd
by A.E. Waite. Contains Waite's important G.D. Tarot papers (published & manuscript) which contain his most important writings on the subject. These papers illustrate his private system for working with the Tarot. "The Truth about the Tarot Trumps" by V.N. (Neuberg) is included. The secrets of the true attributes of the Tarot and the relationship to the Hebrew alphabet are contained in this volume. Notes by Darcy Küntz. Bibliography. (#38-8.)

IX. The Serpent Mythd
by W.W. Westcott. Dr. Westcott presents an in-depth look at that most mysterious of magical symbols, the Serpent. Notes and bibliography by Darcy Küntz. (#39-6.)

X. Astrology of the Golden Dawn
by J.W. Broddie-Innes. The system of esoteric astrology as taught in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This work contains the unpublished Golden Dawn grade lessons on astrology. With additional notes by Darcy Küntz. (#45-0.)

XI. The Chronology of the Golden Dawn

XII. Fringe Masonry in England, 1870-1885

XIII. The Elements of the Kabbalah

XIV. The Battle of Blythe Road

XV. The Golden Dawn American Source Bookd

XI. The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

XVII. The Sacred Book of Henoch

XVIII. The Secret Knowledge of the Neophytex

XIX. Aspects of Occultism

XX. The Historic Structure of the Original Golden Dawn Temples

XXI. The Hermetic Papers of the Golden Dawn

XXII. Baphomet & Son

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