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Enochian Chess CD


by Steve Nichols

“A Complete system of Initiation and a profound magical philosophy is hidden
beneath the cloak of this apparently trivial game.”

This PC CDR improves on the successful 1997 version. It incorporates crucial new magical information from the rediscovered Enochian Chess documents of the ALPHA & OMEGA Lodge of the Golden Dawn operated by Mrs. Moina Mathers, wife of one of founders of the Golden Dawn and an important occultist in her own right. NEW features include:

* Lesser Battle Formula mode

* Moveable Windows

* Two display sizes

* Redesign of all Pieces

*New Game Notation methods

* Sephirotic Dice Rule option

* Easy to Run ....no Installation

* Board Grid options

* More powerful play


One of the most memorable times that we had playing a game of Enochian Chess for divination was back in November of 2000. It was right in the middle of the Presidential Election fiasco centered in our home state of Florida, wherein “hanging chads” became a well-known phrase. We were playing with two other people on the Air Board. It was decided that we would try and divine the outcome of the disputed election, since it was weighing so heavily on everyone’s mind at the time. The game went on for a while and the resulting divination was this: the will of the people was the first casualty early in the game. Next, the courts went down in flames. Eventually, only two pieces, opposing kings, were left—one king representing George Bush and the other representing Al Gore. The two kings chased each other around the board for hours. It seemed like an eternity. Finally, the Bush king was victorious after a grueling battle. We all thought it was a great game of Enochian chess…but we hoped that our divination was wrong. Of course we all know now that the reading was spot on. Oh, well….

When we first began to study Enochian chess years ago, the only way to learn it was to study the relevant documents published in Israel Regardie’s book The Golden Dawn. If only we could have had Steve Nichols’ Enochian Chess CD back then—we could have learned so much more in a fraction of the time. No question about it—anyone who wants to learn Enochian Chess, should get this valuable resource. The CD covers a large amount of material that is essential to the understanding of the Golden Dawn’s Enochian magic and system of divination.

Every aspect of the game is covered, from the description of various chess pieces, to the four Flashing Tablet chess boards, rules of play, variations in the rules, methods of divinatory play, and divinatory interpretation of a game. You can even use this CD to play Enochian chess over the Internet. You can save specific games to play at a later time. It also covers the origins of the Enochian system, information on John Dee and Edward Kelly, the Enochian Calls, the make-up of the Watchtower Tablets, the correlations between Enochian chess and other systems such as tarot, astrology, geomancy, Qabalah, and other games such as chaturanga. The CD also includes extracts of important texts from the Rosicrucian tradition and audio extracts from the various Books of Enoch. The 2006 version also includes new information from an A.O. paper on Enochian chess by Moina Mathers, including the “Lesser Battle Formula” mode of play.

You don’t need to install the CD in order to play it. And there are helpful hyperlinks throughout which provide further information on a particular subject, show a graphic, or launch an audio file or a movie. The Enochian Chess CD is not just eye candy, it is brain food for the modern magician. And a satisfying meal it is.
Chic & Tabatha Cicero

Enochian Chess Board

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