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Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie

The Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie

By Israel Regardie

Edited and annotated with new material by
Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Break the barrier between the conscious and unconscious mind through the Middle Pillar exercise, a technique that serves as a bridge into magic, chakra work, and psychology. This classic work introduces a psychological perspective on magic and occultism while giving clear directions on how to perform the Qabalistic Cross, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar exercise along with its accompanying methods of circulating the light, the Vibratory Formula, and the building up of the Tree of Life in the aura.

The Ciceros, who knew Regardie personally, have made this book much more accessible by adding an extensive and useful set of notes, along with chapters that explain Regardie's work in depth. They expand upon it by carrying it into a realm of new techniques that are directly related to Regardie's core material. Especially valuable is the chapter on psychology, which provides a solid frame reference for Regardie's numerous remarks on this subject.

This new edition of Regardie's 1938 classic is reprinted in its entirety, fully annotated with critical commentary and explanatory notes. It expands the uses of the Middle Pillar exercise for psychic growth and healing, includes different versions of the exercises, explores the similarities and differences between the Qabalistic and Yoga system of self-growth in a section dedicated to the Eastern chakra system, covers several new exercises for relaxation and psychological analysis, expands upon the principles of Jungian psychology and includes new material from contemporary psychologists, and features exercises for solitary and group work.


"Just as Israel Regardie rescued the Golden Dawn from oblivion, so have the Ciceros, with their unrivaled grasp of magical practice, maintained it as a living tradition made available to all. Now in this marvelous new edition of Regardie's classic study, they blend their expertise with his and demonstrate their commitment to the philosophy of the Order by giving us access to the psycho-spiritual theory that underlies its magic. They are, indeed, true magicians of the Golden Dawn."
R. A. Gilbert, Historian of the Golden Dawn and author of The Golden Dawn Scrapbook

"Regardie's classic work (The Middle Pillar) is now updated by the Ciceros with much new information. This revision is a must buy for any new student of the Qabalah, as well as all who have already read Regardie's original work. Now the Eastern tradition of the chakras has been integrated into the original text. In addition many cultural variations on the Middle Pillar ritual are offered here for the first time, as well as a musical key for vibrating the Hebrew God names during the ritual."
David Hulse, author of The Key of It All, Book I & II

"Many of Israel Regardie's books seem to be mere outlines of the intense ideas of his fertile mind. Here, the Ciceros have expanded Regardie's classic book to what it always should have been--a thorough, accessible examination and extension of the single ritual which has become the very embodiment of magic."
Donald Michael Kraig, author of Modern Magic

"The Ciceros annotated edition is of great value, both because it makes Regardie's book easier to understand, and because it provides such a wealth of additional material in related matters of Golden Dawn magic."
Donald Tyson, author of New Millennium Magic

"The Middle Pillar Ritual is the skeletal structure upon which hangs the fabric of future ritual performance. Based as it is upon the Tree of Life, it is the core of all solar-based ceremonial magic. Magic is self empowerment. Through becoming aware of the power zones of the Tree of Life we are provided with the tools for being more than we are. Cognizance of Tree of Life within ourselves, through using the Middle Pillar technique, awakens its energies so that our practices have a direct impact upon our everyday lives. This avoids the danger of ritual exercises becoming entertainment only. It empowers us to be vehicles of life, channels of change. Well annotated, illustrated, and greatly expanded by the Ciceros, The Middle Pillar offers a wider appeal to various viewpoints. We once again have this wonderful tool to offer seekers desiring practical material for entry into the world of ceremonial technique."
Roger Williamson, author of The Sun at Night, owner of Magus Books

"The Cicero's have done it again! Here at last is an edition of The Middle Pillar made accessible to everybody by the lucid and complete annotation of today's foremost Golden Dawn magicians."
David Godwin, author of Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia

"Even if all you have is a passing interest in the Qabalah, this book should be on you reading list. When he wrote this in the 1930's, Israel Regardie managed to step beyond the world to an understanding of the Qabalah on a simplified level. He gets wordy at times, but the superb editing and annotations of the Ciceros helps allay any confustion. Keep in mind, language of today is going to be different from that of the 1930's. I'm just glad the Ciceros worked on making this particular book even more accessible.[...] In order for magic to truly work, the practioner must know him/herself. True knowledge of one's self is also necessary in the field of psychoanalysis. And the blender that mixes these two houses of thought: The Qabalah. By using such exercises as the Qabalistic Cross and the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, any individual can attain alignment with the universal energies that surround us. It takes practice, hard work, and determination ...but so does life. If you want to make your life a little easier to manage, read this book. Learn the rituals. Practice them daily. You'll like the end results."
Chuck Lukens

"An outstanding work. If your into the application of esoteric knowledge into your daily life this book is for you. If  the study of Psychology is your interest, this book is for you. You will only better yourself and deepen your knowledge of kabbalah. If you’re anything like me as soon as you pick this one up you'll just about have to see it through without any breaks. Yes its that good. A definite favorite of mine."
Greymagician from Michigan, March 20, 2000

"This third edition of a classic, here edited by Chic Cicero and Sandra Tabatha Cicero, represents one of the classic texts underlying all magical work: an examination of the psychological processes involved. Part One in this edition contains Regardie's work in its entirety; Part Two contains the Cicero's work, which supplements many of the ideas introduced by Regardie."
The Bookwatch, August 1998

"One of Western Kabbalah's Essential Readings. The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie is one of the best books on mysticism I have ever read. As a student of western occultism, I have read many books containing spiritual enlightenment. Typically these books give you very brief explanations of their rituals or spiritual thoughts. However, this is where the Middle Pillar stands out. This book gives you a wealth of information on one of Western Kabbalah's most important rituals. Not only do you learn the ritual extremely thouroughly, but you are introduced to the very foundation of Western Occultism and how it relates to the psychology of the mind."
A Reader from Reston, VA, 10/8/98

"If you want to do magick, read this book! If you study magick at all, sooner or later you will be introduced to various exercises, including the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) and Middle Pillar exercise. Only a very few people who encounter these exercises ever really learn what they're trying to accomplish. Regardie opens up the LBRP and Middle Pillar and explores them in fine detail, as well as giving Egyptian, Greek and other variations for solo and group use. If you want to learn these basic exercises for exploring your psyche and your connection to the Universal Divine Mind, read this book. If you think you already know the LBRP and Middle Pillar, definitely read this book!"
Karl Lembke, from Tujunga, California, 10/8/98

"An excellent edited edition of Regardie's classic work, intelligently put together and annotated by dedicated Golden Dawn magicians. In keeping with the philosophical basis of Regardie's work, this book demonstrates the commitment to making accessible the psycho-spiritual theorum underlying magickal practice. Freud, Jung, Reich and Assagioli are cited and woven into the philosophical framework in one chapter and the appendices contain a fascinating piece upon the musical correspondences for the Hebrew letters. ... Recommended."
Ocular, No. 18

"An expanded edition of a classic, The Middle Pillar is one of Regardie's best works. It lucidly explains the correlation between the Tree of Life and the human body, and how certain energy centers are activated for magick. This edition expands on the original. Included are the musical notes for the various rituals, versions of the rituals in languages other the Hebrew, and an essay on Regardie’s feelings about psychology. The hope is to present basic magical technique as a dovetail to therapy. The additional material contains good information in this area, mostly based on conversations between the Regardie and the Ciceros. As occultism and psychology are both interests of mine, I loved this book. Recommended for intermediate magicians and psychotherapists."
James French, San Francisco, Dec. 9, 2000

The Middle Pillar
The Balance Between Mind and Magic
by Israel Regardie.
Edited and annotated with new material by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero

St. Paul, MN: Llewellyn Publications, 1998
ISBN 1-56718-140-6

Available from Llewellyn Publications

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