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The Book of the Concourse of the Watchtowers: An Exploration of Westcott's Enochian Tablets

by Sandra Tabatha Cicero

At the 1997 International Golden Dawn Conference in London, four large enigmatic canvas paintings were unveiled for the first time to public view: paintings that had been removed from their original frames and stored in a cabinet for several decades. Once owned and possibly painted by Dr. William Wynn Westcott, the founder of the Golden Dawn, these paintings depict the Four Elemental Tablets the cornerstone of the Order's system of Enochian Magic. However, Westcott's Enochian Tablets are unique in that they are the only known examples of Enochian Watchtower Tablets that use all four color scales of the Golden Dawn.

The Book of the Concourse of the Watchtowers: An Exploration of Westcott's Enochian Tablets by Sandra Tabatha Cicero examines every aspect of what the author calls the "Full Color Scale Enochian Tablets" and provides graphic color keys and a complete color-coded breakdown of the nearly 3,000 triangles that make up the pyramid squares of the four tablets. It is a first-class textbook on the Color Magic of the Golden Dawn. Contents include:

The evolution of the Enochian System from the legends of Enoch and the foundational work of John Dee through the innovations of Enochian material by Westcott and the Golden Dawn.

  • A complete analysis of the Watchtower Tablets and their component parts.
  • An examination of color theory and the four color scales of the Golden Dawn.
  • The various rules used to determine the astrological and color correspondences of every Enochian pyramid square on Westcotts Tablets, including a graphic color key for the sub-angles of each tablet.
  • A complete breakdown of the colors as applied to every pyramid square.
  • An explanation on how the tablets relate to the Laws of the Convoluted Forces (the Golden Dawn's Dragon Formulae).
  • A number of appendices containing original documents and materials selected from the private archives of the modern-day HOGD, including Notes on the Color Scales by J. W. Brodie-Innes and Florence Farr, ThAM-level material on Higher Astrology, the Ring and Disk, the LVX Signs, and the Convoluted Forces, and the Golden Dawns 6=5 Ritual of the Adeptus Major. "The discovery of these tablets provides yet another example of the fact that the Golden Dawn system remains as vital today as it was in the Victorian era. We have the enigmatic tablets themselves as evidence that the Golden Dawns system of Enochian Magic was not a static creation, but is alive and buzzing with new possibilities and new directions of thought and knowledge." -Sandra Tabatha Cicero

8.5 x 11 "
Soft Cover
326 pages, 4 color plates

ISBN-13: 978-0-9795177-1-6  
ISBN-10: 0-9795177-1-0

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